Room 1


has its own living room where the guests can eat breakfast if the weather does not allow for an outside breakfast.

You can relax there, watch some television, and make yourself some nice tea.

In this room there is a fax connection and you will have the possibility to work on the internet.

Through the sliding doors, which separate the living room from the bed- and bathroom you will enter into a nice cheerful sleeping area.

You will spend the night on a two-person waterbed, an experience in itself if you are not used to sleeping in one.

Separated by from the bed room there is the bath room, which contains a water basin, toilet and a shower, which has a Turkish steam bath in it.

The bathroom floor is heated.


Room 2


is a separate building on the premises.

This room is my office, I work with children, and the room is perfect for families met children.

Besides a spacious room to relax and watch television, and the children can play with the toys, the puppet theatre or with various bord-games.

The parents have a separate bedroom.

There is also a separate bathroom with a water basin, a toilet, and a shower.

You will be sleeping in a bedroom, which borders on our meadow in which we keep our sheep and two ponies.

When the weather does not allow an outside breakfast, it will be served in the lining room. 



Non smoker rooms